About us


When we bought this property of 50 acres some years ago, we decided to create an environment favorable to our two daughters. The idea was to get the best lifestyle in the world whilst enjoying as much as possible the extraordinary nature surrounding our home. We started to revegetate a large part of the property, created windbreaks, linked up existing bushes and planted more than 3000 local native trees to attract birds and wildlife. All these new areas as well as the dams where fenced off to protect them from our cattle and goats. We are now very proud to have the sign “Land for Wildlife” hanging on our main entry gate. This simple but significant sign rewards us for all our efforts and gives us the opportunity to show our two daughters that something can be done to protect this beautiful Australian nature.

Whilst staying in our chalets, you will also take advantage of this environment, which will give you an impression of serenity and peace. The large window in the living room as well as in the bedrooms gives you the feeling to be very close and constantly in contact with this nature. What a relaxing experience! Exactly what you need to recover from your daily stress.